Sat Gurus
Soami Bagh 

Soami Ji Maharaj's Holy Samadh

Soami Ji Maharaj's Samadh first began to be constructed during the tenure of the 3rd Sat Guru, Maharaj Saheb, in 1905, and continues to this day.  While some may wonder if this most holy monument will ever be completed, in truth it's been the Mauj of Radhasoami Dayal that it has taken as long as it has. What is not generally known is that every marble block of the Samadh's construction has been funded and put into place by only loving Satsangis and adherents of the RS Faith. For this reason, it radiates the highest and most noble karma, and will forever be graced by the Supreme Being RADHASOAMI.       

The Holy Samadh is located at Soami Bagh in Agra, India.  Huzur Maharaj (2nd Sat Guru) had said, "It is very essential and proper that a suitable building be constructed in memory of the August Founder of the Radhasoami Faith, and Revealer of Surat Shabd Yoga. This will enable the Satsangis of all the countries to assemble at the headquarters of the Faith, where Radhasoami Dayal manifested Himself in human form.";  "It is desirable and a must for all those who have joined Radhasoami Faith to visit, if possible, Radhasoami Bagh in Agra at least once." Soami Ji Maharaj and Huzur Maharaj were both heard to say that "even a bird which flies over Soami Bagh, will be so fortunate to get the life of a human in its next life."  

Soami Bagh was originally purchased by Soami Ji Maharaj with the intent that it would function as a permanent home for the RS Faith. In His Biography we are told how it all came about: "One morning Soamiji Maharaj was taking a walk in the garden with three or four Sadhus. One of the Sadhus, named Chetan Das, pointing towards a piece of elevated land in the center, said that a Kothi (mansion or house) be built there for Soamiji Maharaj, for which it was very suitable... Soamiji Maharaj observed that a Guru-dwara (place of worship) would stand there. All kept quiet; nobody could understand the significance of the utterance. But when, after His departure, His Samadh was constructed at that spot, it became clear that by "Guru-dwara", Soamiji Maharaj had meant His Samadh."  Soami Bagh is indeed the most blessed and holiest place on earth, where the Supreme Being RADHASOAMI smiles upon all who witness His grandeur.