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This website was created out of Love (Prem), Devotion (Bhakti) and Service (Sewa) to the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal, and with the sincere desire to help others that are English speaking better understand and appreciate the highest spiritual teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj and the authentic Sant Sat Gurus of Soami Bagh.  

We believe that the greatest spiritual power in this world is the living 'Sat Guru of the time', who is the Lord, Himself, in human garb.  He is presently in incognito, however, and for valid reasons. When it is the Mauj (divine will) of Radhasoami Dayal then a miracle just might happen and He will manifest Himself publicly, then we will all know who He is.  

Soami Bagh is in Agra, India and is the parent home of all Sant Mat or Radhasoami Faith sects. Since 1949 we have been in a state of "Interregnum" after Babuji Maharaj (our last public Sant Sat Guru) left His mortal coil and a clear successor had not revealed Himself. This is the period traditionally when the Sat Guru is not publicly manifest, although, most certainly is operating behind the scenes:  

“It is not possible that there should be no one in the Radhasoami Faith to sustain it and keep it going. It is certainly true that this Faith cannot continue without the guidance of an Adept… So long as the time is not ripe for functioning openly, He (Sat Guru of the time) will certainly remain non-manifest, but will accord help and support incognito. He will continue to function through someone. At no time shall the Radhasoami Faith be without an Adept. It can never go on along the lines of other faiths and religions in which traditional sermons and discourses are given by someone acting as a priest.” 

- Babuji Maharaj  (5th Sant Sat Guru)


Soami Ji Maharaj came from the 18th and Highest Spiritual Region of Anami Purush, the abode of RADHASOAMI. Consequently, He was born in 1818, a year which also equals 18 in its sum total. It was from this Highest Region that all creation originally emanated, and thus the beginning and the end of all existence. To put this in perspective, prior to the advent of the Saints of Sant Mat in the 15th and 16th century, the highest spiritual region reached by a Mahatma, Maharishi, Yogi, Buddha, etc..., was the causal (2nd heaven).  While the most celebrated adepts such as Christ may have only attained the astral plane, which is the mere starting point of the Saints and an extension of the material world.  When we consider that each spiritual region is but a shadow to the one above it, we cannot even begin to fathom the unequaled greatness of the Sant Sat Gurus.  Soami Ji Maharaj tells us in His 'Sar Bachan Prose': "The religion of the Sant Sat Guru is the highest of all. He inculcates the worship of the Supreme Being Sat Purush Radhasoami, who is beyond Brahm (astral and causal regions) and Par Brahm, so that the spirit may cross the region of Maya (matter)." The August Founder also emphasized the spiritual power and importance of the Radhasoami Mantra: 

"The Supreme Being Himself has given out His Name as RADHASOAMI. 
One who obtains the secret of this Name, accepts the protection of 
RADHASOAMI, recites or repeats this Name internally in the way indicated
by Sants or listens to the sound within, shall certainly be redeemed. 
Performance of such spiritual practices for a short while will convince 
him of this."   -  Sar Bachan Prose   

From the years 1861 to 1878, Soami Ji Maharaj had initiated thousands in the meditation of the Surat Shabd Yoga.  At its essence, it is the union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Divine Sound Current (Shabd), which can only be heard within when the mind has been subdued. Shabd has also been referred to as "the Logos", "the Word", "Music of the Spheres", "Holy Spirit" by ancient religions, although of a much lower level than that of Sant Mat. More than anything else, the August Founder emphasized Shabd (Sound) above all other spiritual practices, "Except Shabd there is no other way for leading the spirit back to his original home; and whatever other paths there are, are the paths of Kal (the negative power). Shabd is present in the inner self of everybody. Everyone should, therefore, hear it internally. Those who do not hear it, will suffer pain at the end."  The primary features of Surat Shabd Yoga is the repetition of the Holy Name (Sumiran), contemplation of the Holy Form  (Dhyan), and listening to the inner Spiritual Sound current (Bhajan).  Soami Ji Maharaj had stated, "This path is of Love and Devotion, and it consists in elevating Spirit to celestial regions by means of Shabd.”      


The Radhasoami Faith was created by Soami Ji Maharaj (1818-1878), and is also called ‘Sant Mat’ (Religion of the Saints). It represents the highest and most authoritative spiritual teachings in this world. This is not a matter of subjective opinion or religious bias, but factual to anyone who has ever done their research. Or, more appropriately, who has ever experienced the power and grace of the Supreme Mantra ‘RADHASOAMI’ in their inner-meditation. This is the Name of the Supreme Being given to the world by Soami Ji Maharaj, who was Himself the incarnation of Radhasoami Dayal.  By doing so, He opened the door for all of us to return to our original spiritual home of ‘Sat Lok’, before our fall into the lower material regions of consciousness.  Soami Ji Maharaj was the 1st Sant Sat Guru of
the Radhasoami Faith and although there are many dissident groups today who claim Him in their own guru lineages, there is only one parent Faith and that is at Soami Bagh in Agra, India. 
Sant Mat or Radhasoami Faith is the life of all religions of the world. It is the end of all learning and knowledge. It has been started by Sants in all compassion and kindness upon the Jivas (humanity)… This Faith is meant especially for those persons who are anxious to meet the Supreme Being RADHASOAMI and who are desirous of the welfare and redemption of their soul… Sants call this faith or religion ‘Surat Shabd Yoga’.”   

"Incarnating as a human being, the Supreme Being Himself disclosed His Name and Region, and in His grace and mercy steered the Jivas across the ocean of existence, i.e., the world by the help of this Name, RADHA-SOAMI... He who fixes Radhasoami Dham as his goal and practices Sumiran (internal repetition) and Dhyan (contemplation) of RADHASOAMI, will reach the Highest Region ("Dhur Pad") and become immortal, and will be the recipient of Supreme Everlasting Bliss and Happiness."  
Maharaj Saheb (3rd Sat Guru)
"The imitation in articulate sound of the first spiritual current, which is the beginning and the cause of all creation, is 'RADHA', and the imitation of the wave or commotion that gave rise to this prime current is `SOAMI'. 

The true Holy Name or the Supreme Mantra of the origin and source of all spirituality in creation is 'Radhasoami'; and when the true Supreme Being thus manifested Himself as Creator and evolved the creation, the wave and currents announced Him as RADHASOAMI in the vast region of spirituality first evolved. This true Name is present everywhere in creation, and can be heard at the innermost plane where the spirit-current is acting."
Babuji Maharaj (5th Sat Guru)
"The current (of the original creation) is the link between the devotee and the Lord and hence to him the current must come first. It alone will take him to the Lord.  Thus Radhasoami Himself proclaimed the Supreme Name. None else can fully realize it. The Supreme Father has ordained His Name to have such effectiveness that whoever listens to it with love (for unless one has love nothing can be done) the name will one day carry him to the Radhasoami Pad (Region), where he can fully enjoy perfect beatitude (Supreme Blessedness or Happiness).” 

"When the real greatness of the Name ('Radhasoami') dawns upon the spirit (for it cannot dawn upon the mind) love will awaken in him, a love of such a character as that which a newly married bride feels when her whole body is electrified, every hair stands on end and every pore opens with sensation at the touch of her husband. Such will be the effect of the Name… faith in the Name and its protection is a sure passport to the spiritual spheres and one day will give the spirit a triumphal entry into the Holy Regions of Bliss.” 
Huzur Maharaj (2nd Sat Guru)

St. Kabir was the first Sat Guru of Sant Mat and had lived in the 15th century of the common era. Sant Mat literally means 'Religion of the Saints' or 'Teachings of the Saints'.  It was St. Kabir and Guru Nanak, the first two Sants who had incarnated in the world, that had started the transcendent spiritual practice of Surat Shabd Yoga, which had not been taught in the previous ages. Sant Mat would eventually become the Radhasoami Faith when the Supreme Being, Himself, came into the world in the form of Soami Ji Maharaj at Panni Gali in Agra, India.  This occurred in the year 1818.   

Guru Nanak had once declared, "Soami is the Lord of all creation, and the Master of all the souls.” Tulsi Saheb had similarly stated, "I address as Soami the creator of all that is.”  

St. Kabir went one step further and actually hinted at the Holiest Name of RADHASOAMI that would later be revealed to the world by Soami Ji Maharaj: “Saith Kabir, ‘The true spiritual guide has shown the DHARA (Current) of the Inaccessible; transpose it, affix it to SOAMI, and then perform the repeti-tion.’”  If we transpose D H A R A – we create the name R A D H A, and when we “affix it to  SOAMI”  =  RADHASOAMI.  
"Seek the protection of RADHASOAMI. You will be saved in every way. He will instantly shower His grace and mercy upon you and enrich you with the treasure that is inaccessible and unapproachable."

“In all the four Yugas (ages, or epochs of time) you have been subject to trans-migration, undergoing severe pains and the torments of hell.  Enumerable lives have been spent in suffering and pain. Nowhere could you secure peace for a moment. You suffered from disasters and adversities as a result of your good and evil acts, and because you did not fall at the holy feet of Sat Guru. Now you have been blessed with this human form. You should engage in Bhakti (devotion and meditation), so that the karmas be eradicated and washed away.  Negligence on your part this time will not be forgiven." 

“Consider the allurements of the world to be deceptions; you have become a friend of the foolish mind. Shun its company every moment, otherwise, it will take the very life out of you. You will be thrown away from your home and tossed about in the cycle of births and deaths. You will be a very sad plight. Who will take you out from there?” 

"Apply your spirit to Shabd [inner Sound] lovingly.  Shabd alone is spiritual.  It illumines your inner self.  Practice Shabd Yoga every day... My dear, hear me, merge your spirit in Shabd.  You can never be redeemed without Shabd."; "Shabd will banish all egotism.  Shabd will cast off all evils.  I repeatedly impress upon you that except Shabd (Divine Sound) there is no essence or reality."; "Those who did not ascend to Higher Regions by means of Shabd have wasted their life." 

"First essential is devotion to Guru. Without Guru devotion nothing can be achieved."; "The perfect Guru is He who is absorbed in Shabd.  Make yourself the dust of His feet.  Do no apply other tests... Learn the secrets of Shabd from Him and perform practice of Shabd with your heart and soul."; “Develop attachment for Sat Guru... You will be released from recurrent births and deaths and will find abode in the Eternal Region.”  

“You are blessed with the human form. Do something for your real good. Do not get lost in the world.   Know, it is Unreal like a Dream.” 
Message To Humanity 
(quoted from Sar Bachan) 
- Soami Ji Maharaj