The import of Jesus's original teachings to his  followers is that we all have the inherent ability to become a Christ.  And that as spirit, we all possess a droplet of God within us.  This droplet manifests as Divine Light and Divine Sound.  It is the holy connection to our inner-Self.   
Sat Gurus
Soami Bagh 

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
- Jesus  Christ   (Gospel of Thomas)
We are a spiritual group that believes in the teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj and the Surat Shabd Yoga, taught by the Sat Gurus of Sant Mat  to transcend the material  plane and ascend to the highest heavens.   
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"Unite your Soul with Shabd (Sound).  
     Practice this Meditation everyday."
 "RadhaSoami Name, whoever recites   will swim  across the ocean of existence... Rarely does anyone know the secret of that boundless Name, but     the ones who do reach the far shore,        never to be reborn in this world." 
"Sants do not care to acquire worldly knowledge. Their inner experiences and realizations are infinitely vast like an ocean."; "Sants speak of the most marvelous region where the spirit is in a state of intense and conscious absorption and concentration within itself, immersed in supreme love and bliss... Sants speak of  the Ocean of spirituality, but the Jivas do not believe   what Sants say."  
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                        Soami Ji Maharaj
1.) Soami Ji Maharaj (1818-1878) was the 1st Sant Sat Guru of the Radhasoami Faith and the incarnation of the Supreme Being RADHASOAMI. He was followed by Huzur Maharaj, Maharaj Saheb, Buaji Saheba, and the last public Sat Guru, Babuji Maharaj (1861-1949). We believe this Sat Guru Spiritual Current ('Nij Dhar') has continued to function at Soami Bagh in Agra, India.

2.) The SURAT SHABD YOGA (union of the Soul with the Divine Sound) is the surest and simplest way back to God, as well as achieving self-realization.  

3.) 'RADHASOAMI' is the Name of the Supreme Being, and was given to the human race by the Supreme Being, Himself. It's also the most important mantra used in meditation and the salvation of all who have faith in It.         

4.) The Law of Karma has imprisoned our spirits in this lower material plane and is the reason why we experience birth and death. However, through devotion to the Sat Guru and listening to inner Shabd (Divine Sound), we can overcome this condition.

5.) We do not believe in the killing and eating of animals or fish. By eating strictly vegetables, fruit and other foods we create less karma.
Param Purush Puran Dhani Radhasoami Dayal
                        Soami Ji Maharaj
      (2nd Sant Satguru)  
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             (1829 - 1898)                                   
             (1818 - 1878)                                   
             (1827 - 1894)                                   
             (1861 - 1907)                                   
             (1857 - 1913)                                   
             (1861 - 1949)